Miller wins biggest payout for invasion of privacy

By James Macintyre
Saturday 08 December 2007 01:00

The Sun and The News of the World were forced to pay the actress Sienna Miller damages yesterday for publishing nude photographs taken against her will during the filming of a movie.

Newsgroup, the Murdoch-owned subsidiary of News International which owns the tabloid newspapers, contributed to a payment of 37,500 plus legal costs along with the Xposure Photo Agency, settling the dispute after Miller sued for invasion of privacy following the pictures' publication in October.

The payout is believed to be the biggest of its sort for an invasion of privacy. The companies have agreed not to republish any of the photographs and have agreed to delete all copies of them.

However, the Factory Girl and Layer Cake star is still suing the individual photographer, who took the pictures during filming of Hippie Hippie Shake. An application for a default judgement will be heard next month. Hippie Hippie Shake is based on the memoirs of Richard Neville, who edited the "counterculture" magazine Oz and was jailed for obscenity in 1971. Cillian Murphy plays Neville, and Miller stars as his girlfriend Louise Ferrier.

Miller, a former model, posed topless and smoking a cigarette for the "Hollywood" issue of Vanity Fair in 2006. She made her acting debut in the 2001 film South Kensington, alongside Rupert Everett.

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