Mad scientists top poll of online marketing campaigns

By Enjoli Liston
Sunday 03 January 2010 15:43

Online videos of two self-proclaimed mad scientists conducting explosive ‘Mentos experiments with Diet Coke’ have topped a poll of the most significant online marketing campaigns of last decade.

1099 online voters from across the globe chose their internet favourites from a shortlist of 40, compiled by the viral marketing agency GoViral.

Dove’s 2006 ‘Evolution’ campaign earned second place, for its ability to earn the trust of consumers by showing one woman’s transformation from girl next door to made-up model. And third place went to Blendtec founder Tom Dickinson for his range of videos to illustrate the power of his blender, which earned the slogan ‘Will it blend?’ a firm place in the pages of internet history.

There was also recognition for President Barack Obama, whose “great use of online advertising, social media and mobile” during his race for the presidency allowed him to “connect with millions of young, influential voters in a way that will act as a blueprint for all future political campaigns,” according to GoViral.

The videos that beat the American President to the top slot were made by juggler and lawyer duo Fritz Grobe and Stephen Voltz, also known as Eepybird, who began filming their infamous Mentos and Diet Coke geysers in their backyards in 2006.

Mentos announced a 20 per cent increase in sales for 2007 alone, and estimate that the resultant craze for the experiments, which Eepybird encourage viewers to try for themselves at home, is worth $10 million in free advertising every year. Since first airing, it’s estimated that the videos have attracted over 60 million viewers worldwide.

GoViral have proclaimed these viral videos ‘game changers’ because of the profound effect they have had on the world of online marketing.

The agency’s Chairman, Jimmy Maymann, who nominated several of the short-listed entries said what made the Eepybird experiments so significant was the fact that Mentos and Diet Coke didn’t know the videos existed when they were first aired online. “It proved conclusively that in the internet age, when it’s so easy for people to create content and broadcast it, brands no longer have full control over their marketing,” said Maymann, in a statement. “It also proved that brands who embrace what’s happening around them in social media can go on to achieve incredible results.”

The Top Ten Online Marketing Campaigns: 2000 - 2009

1. 2006: - Mentos and Diet Coke experiments

2. 2006: Dove – Evolution:

3. 2006: Blendtec – Will it blend

4. 2007: Diesel – Heidis 15mb of fame

5. 2004: Burger King - Subserviant Chicken

6. 2008: Obama’s online campaign

7. 2000: John West – Bear

8. 2009: Tourism Queensland - Best Job in the World

9. 2008: Burger King - Whopper sacrifice

10. 2008: Cadbury’s - Gorilla

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