BBC's The Real Housewives of Isis comedy sketch divides public opinion

Some appeared outraged while others praised the BBC for mocking Isis

Samuel Osborne
Thursday 05 January 2017 10:15
Real Housewive of ISIS trailer on BBC causes outcry

A BBC comedy sketch mocking the brides of Isis fighters has divided public opinion.

The Real Housewives of Isis sketch shows Jihadi brides taking selfies and showing off suicide bomb vests.

One woman wearing a hijab says: "It's only three days until the beheading, and I've got no idea what I'm gonna wear."

In another scene, one of the wives boasts about her new suicide vest while the other women record her for Instagram.

"Ahmed surprised me with it yesterday," the woman says.

When another wife appears wearing a similar suicide jacket, she says: "What a complete b***h! She knew I had that jacket."

The sketch, based on the popular Real Housewives of... series, which has included New York, Orange County and Beverly Hills, is part of the new BBC2 comedy series Revolting.

The show was written by Bafta-winning directors Heydon Prowse and Jolyon Rubinstein, who previously created and starred in The Revolution Will Be Televised.

It has divided opinion online, with some appearing outraged and others praising the BBC for mocking Isis and online grooming.

"This actually aired on state-owned BBC, I am fuming," one man wrote on Twitter.

"So the BBC has aired a 'comedy' sketch in a show titled 'Real Housewives of Isis'. I need to make it clear that on no basis this even satire," one woman tweeted, adding: "BBC airing a show based on a terrorist group who has killed and continues to oppress and kill those in the Middle East is not comedy material."

However, others celebrated the BBC and said the sketch shows "progress".

"It's a shame that the humourless and perpetually offended do not see this for what it is — progress," one said.

"FINALLY! BBC develops a backbone (and a sense of humour) about Isis," another wrote.

The BBC declined to comment.

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