Fallout from Newsnight fiasco: John Humphrys vs George Entwistle


Sunday 11 November 2012 01:03

John Humphrys: When did you know that this film was being broadcast?

George Entwistle: The film was not drawn to my attention before transmission.

H: But you must have known because a tweet was put out 12 hours before telling the whole world that something was going to happen on Newsnight that would reveal extraordinary things about child abuse and involve a senior Tory figure.

E: I didn’t see the tweet.

H: You have a staff? They didn’t see the tweet that was going to set the world on fire?

E: John, this wasn’t brought to my attention.

H: So when did you find out?

E: The following day.

H: The following day? You didn’t see it the night it was broadcast?

E: No. I was out.

H: And you didn’t ask any questions during the week?

E: No, John. I didn’t

H: So you’ve no natural curiosity? You wait for someone to come along and say: “Excuse me, Director General, but this is happening, you might be interested.” You don’t do what everyone else in the country does – read newspapers, listen to everything that’s going on … Did you see The Guardian’s front page yesterday morning?

E: I was giving a speech.

H: The Guardian yesterday carried a story which cast doubt on the Newsnight programme. You didn’t know that happened?

E: No, I’m afraid I didn’t.

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