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Katie Grant
Tuesday 21 January 2014 01:00 GMT
Shehneela Ahmed, football agent
Shehneela Ahmed, football agent

What’s the score?

The first Muslim woman to qualify as an FA-approved football agent, Shehneela Ahmed, has announced that she is on a mission to open up the sport to more female players and people from ethnic minorities.

Back of the net.

Her sentiments exactly. The daughter of Pakistani immigrants, Ms Ahmed, 42, who moved from Rochdale to London after graduating from Staffordshire University and also works as a duty solicitor, said: “This will have a big impact on my career as I intend to promote more people from the Asian background to encourage their children to take part in the sports industry.”

She’s got her eye on the ball.

Ok, enough of the football puns, but yes, very much so, and the prospect of entering the male-dominated world of the transfer market doesn’t faze her at all. The Manchester United fan believes sport is no longer just a man’s world: “More females are now involved in the sport industry. Especially with the football, I grew up watching the game,” she said.

Still, there’s a great many egos in the field she’ll have to contend with.

Egotistical footballers? That’s a preposterous accusation. Anyway, not to worry: “After spending all day dealing with criminals, footballers are a doddle,” Ms Ahmed explained.

She shoots, she scores!

Yes, her new career has got off to a flying start. Ms Ahmed, who received her license in September added: “I’ve had clients approach me, from players, managers and clubs, and I’ve had some really good feedback so far.”

They think it’s all over…

Not quite. With only eight of the 4,000 players in the Football League of Asian descent, you find Ms Ahmed resting on her laurels. “I want to prove to ethnic minorities and females that if you put your mind to it, you can achieve anything,” she said.

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