Chris Brown responds to assault allegations by labelling accuser 'ugly' and 'old-looking'

The singer's publicist earlier denied the allegations calling them 'unequivocally untrue'

Olivia Blair
Tuesday 05 January 2016 12:30
Brown responded on Instagram but the video has since been deleted
Brown responded on Instagram but the video has since been deleted

Chris Brown has responded to allegations he punched a woman by labelling her an “old-looking bitch” who was probably “too ugly” to be allowed into his room.

Las Vegas police confirmed on Sunday that they were investigating an allegation of ‘battery’ with Brown as a suspect.

Liziane Gutierrez, a Brazilian model made her identity known to TMZ, who first reported on the allegation. She claimed she tried to take a picture of the R&B singer in his suite when he allegedly took her phone off her and punched her in her right eye.

Brown’s publicist issued a denial on his behalf calling the woman’s claims “unequivocally untrue” and “a complete fabrication”.

Now, Brown, 26, has responded to those claims posting a video on Instagram where he uses offensive and misogynistic language to dispute her allegations. The video has since been deleted but was posted on TMZ.

As part of his denial he argues Ms Gutierrez would have been “too ugly” to get into his room and the allegation must be because “obviously somebody’s trying to make a cheque or start some s***”.

Proceeding to use offensive language, he says: “I don’t know this old looking bitch, this bitch is old like dusty.”

Brown also made reference to a bizarre video from August involving fellow R&B singer Jason DeRulo and Ms Gutierrez where she was shown on video annoyed at not being invited to go in a car with the singer following his performance.

Ms Gutierrez then replied to Brown’s video insult in her own video message. Saying the insults to her suggest Brown “seems out of control”, she claims she did go to his party and was invited by his friends. Responding to his mention of the DeRulo event she asks “who has the worst past here?”, which may be alluding to Brown’s past conviction for assaulting his ex-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009.

Ms Gutierrez also claimed she has received death threats since the allegation was made public and is “scared to leave the house”


The back and forth also saw Brown post a picture of himself on Instagram two days ago where he wished his 21.1million followers a happy new year and predicted 2016 will make him “hella rich after all the lawsuits I file from these crazy individuals who keep lying on my name”.

Brown's manager Mike G also issued a strong denial of the allegations by Ms Gutierrez and reacted angrily on Instagram to the media for their coverage, saying: "shame on the networks for giving this story life".

The Independent has contacted representatives for Brown for further comment.