Gary Lineker presents Match of the Day in his pants to deliver on Leicester City title win promise

Lineker appeared at the start of the first Match of the Day of the season in his pants

Jack de Menezes
Saturday 13 August 2016 23:22 BST
Gary Lineker presents Match of the Day in his pants

Gary Lineker delivered on his promise to present the first Match of the Day of the new Premier League season in his underpants, but any hopes of seeing the former Leicester City and England striker in his Y-fronts failed to materialise.

Lineker vowed to present the BBC highlights show in his pant if Leicester won the title last season, which anyone will tell you they did in incredible fashion.

From the moment the Foxes clinched the title in April with four matches remaining, Lineker was bombarded with messages on Twitter asking if he would honour his word. After many deliberations with the BBC and communications with Ofcom to see whether any legal matters would bail Lineker out, the time came for the household name to bare all.

And he did. Kind of.

Despite a BBC release showing off Lineker’s supposed Y-fronts in a photograph, he appeared in a large pair of shorts with a Leicester City badge on the front provided by retailer Sunspel. With analysts Ian Wright and Alan Shearer alongside him, Lineker opened the show in his pants before the football took over.

Within seconds, Lineker received a wave of tweets crediting him for delivering on his promise – one that was made last December when Leicester were top of the league table and no one gave them hope of holding on to lift the trophy.

Not everyone was happy though, given that Lineker’s pants looked an awful lot like a small pair of football shorts.

Once the first 10 minutes had been completed and the comedic impact of a 55-year-old man topless on the television wore off, Lineker put his clothes back on attentions turned back to the football.

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