General Election 2015: Polish prince challenges Nigel Farage to a duel over immigration question

Janek Żyliński has posted an open message to the parliamentary candidate on YouTube

Josh Barrie
Monday 13 April 2015 16:19 BST
Prince Jan Żyliński
Prince Jan Żyliński

A Polish prince from London has challenged Ukip leader Nigel Farage to an 18th Century-style duel in Hyde Park.

Janek Żyliński, the aristocratic son of cavalry officer Captain Andrzej Żyliński, who led a victorious charge against the Nazis in Kaluszyn, near Warsaw, in 1939, helping save 6,000 Jews, has posted an open message to the parliamentary candidate on YouTube.

In the video, Żyliński, who lives in Ealing, explains that he’s had enough of the discrimination against immigrants from people such as Mr Farage.

Żyliński starts off his message by introducing a gold sculpture of his father, which he’s planning to unveil in Ealing this year in commemoration of his actions, according to getwestlondon.

And then he has some strong words for his ale-swigging compatriot.

“I’ve had enough of the discrimination against Polish people in this country," he says. “The most idiotic example I’ve heard of has been Mr Nigel Farage blaming migrants for traffic jams on the M40."

Brandishing his sword, Żyliński continues: “Enough is enough, Mr Farage. So what I’d like to do is to challenge you to a duel. I’d like us to meet in Hyde Park one morning, with our swords, and resolve this matter.”

The prince mentions that a duel with such weapons is what any self-respecting 18th Century Polish aristocrat and an English gentleman would do.

However, given the unlikelihood of Mr Farage agreeing to such an offer, not to mention that it would be illegal, Żyliński also offers up an alternative. He says that “if his sword is a little rusty, we could meet in a studio for a duel of words in the run up to the election.”

Mr Farage is apparently yet to respond to Żyliński’s challenge.

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