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Gwyneth Paltrow maintains she would rather smoke crack than eat cheese from a can

'Crack might be extreme, but spray cheese is not my kind of party,’ Paltrow says

Olivia Blair
Thursday 14 April 2016 20:45 BST
(Steven Henry/Getty Images)

With Gwyneth Paltrow and her lifestyle website Goop’s track record of wellness advice, you’d be forgiven for questioning whether they really meant some of it.

For example, advocating herbal vaginal steaming, a smoothie recipe containing an ingredient called “sex dust”, getting stung by bees for a beauty regime and instructions on how to yawn properly have either all appeared on Goop or been direct comments from Paltrow.

However, the one thing fans chose to question Paltrow on in a Q&A on the website recently was her declaration to Jonathan Ross in 2012 that she would rather “smoke crack” than eat spray cheese from a can.

For a health guru, smoking crack seems to be pretty unhealthy so this was an understandable question. However, the Shakespeare in Love actress affirms that, yes, she did really mean it.

In response to the fan who wrote, “Would you still rather smoke crack than eat cheese out of a can?”, Paltrow replied: “Hell yes. You know, crack might be extreme, but spray cheese is not my kind of party.”

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