Ian Paisley's most caustic quotes: Catholics 'breed like rabbits and multiply like vermin'

The former First Minister of Northern Ireland died on 12 September

Ella Alexander
Friday 12 September 2014 21:11 BST

Ian Paisley was known for his thundering voice and powerful rhetoric.

But his ability to deliver a commanding speech originated in the church – his father was a Baptist minister and his mother a preacher. Paisley went on to become a preacher himself, giving his first sermon aged 16. He served as the founding member of the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster for 57 years.

His learned oratory skills were placed for his later career in politics, eventually becoming First Minister of Northern Ireland in May 2007.

Never shy of making a bold statement, he once said of Catholics that “they breed like rabbits and multiply like vermin” and described Pope John Paul II as “the scarlet woman of Rome” and Pope John Paul II as the “antichrist”.

The politician died on 12 September, aged 88.

Ever controversial and outspoken, look back at his most corrosive quotes above.

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