Jack Monroe: Man posing as Ukip candidate arrested for abusing gay poverty campaigner

One account in particular claimed to be that of former Ukip election candidate Alex Wood, but has since been found to be a fake

Jenn Selby
Sunday 19 April 2015 11:39

A man has been arrested for abusing gay poverty campaigner Jack Monroe on Twitter.

Avon and Somerset Police confirmed that a 22-year-old man had been taken in for questioning following an investigation into a series of tweets.

The Guardian columnist was forced off of the social media site after she received a barrage of “hate” messages from trolls.

One account in particular claimed to be that of former Ukip election candidate Alex Wood, but has since been found to be a fake.

“Your sick form of Lesbianism and militant queerism is destroying this country. Get out and give us Britain back! #VoteUKIP” the mock profile tweeted at Monroe.

“@MsJackMonroe I think you’re an absolute disgrace as well, Queers should all be sterilised. #VoteUKIP2015.”

The party, led by Nigel Farage, dismissed the account was “vile” and reported it to the police.

“UKIP utterly denounces the vile and uncalled for twitter troll that is masquerading as Alex Wood,” a Ukip spokesperson told Pink News at the time.

“We are very sorry for the offence it has caused and treat it and the sentiments it expresses with the contempt it deserves.

“We have been in contact with Twitter and hope that they will delete the account as quickly as possible. So to people like Jack Monroe and Owen Jones we can only feel sympathy, no matter our differences they do not deserve these coarse and unpleasant attacks.

“Political discourse can be robust but must keep within boundaries of decency. We are also concerned that a young man is having his own name and reputation dragged through the mud, again.”

The man has since named himself as Joshua Bonehill. Speaking about his arrest via a post on his website, on which he describes himself as “the future of nationalism”, he wrote:

“Earlier today I was arrested in connection with some funny tweets sent to a prolific lesbian and feminist. Having been detained in custody for 15 hours, today I return victorious.

“I am without computer or laptop for the time being and I am not on Twitter despite the numerous accounts claiming to be me. In regards to my arrest, I find the whole ordeal sickening that White British people are being persecuted for Free Speech. I will continue to campaign tirelessly for the right to Free Speech and my own suffering in this battle is nothing compared to the suffering of the people as a whole.

“I will not comment on my guilt or innocence at this time being but I am confident the police investigation will reveal the truth. This momentous occasion marks my 15th arrest for Free Speech.

“In regards to the Tweets sent to Jack Monroe, I have seen them and believe them to be of a comical nature and commend the level of free speech used.”

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