Jimmy Fallon does incredible impersonation of Bernie Sanders' victory speech

The comedian gives his own version of Senator Sanders’ speech in New Hampshire


Rachael Revesz
New York
Thursday 11 February 2016 18:18 GMT
Jimmy Fallon strikes again with a spot-on impersonation of Bernie Sanders
Jimmy Fallon strikes again with a spot-on impersonation of Bernie Sanders (Jimmy Fallon/ The Tonight Show)

Viewers might recognise the throaty Brooklyn accent, slightly hunched posture and wild hand gestures.

Jimmy Fallon re-created Vermont Senator and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ victory speech in the New Hampshire primary for “The Tonight Show”.

“I even asked Marco Rubio to help me write my speech tonight but he just gave me a piece of paper with the words "good evening" written on it 800 times - he’s losing it,” said the fake Senator.

Mr Fallon stood at a podium surrounded by people holding up Mr Sanders’ slogan: “A future to believe in”, cracking jokes about Bernie Sanders “feeling like a million bucks” then distributing his wealth equally among the middle classes.

“Your message is loud and clear - you want the candidate who looks like a Scooby Doo villain before his mask is removed,” he said.

Senator Sanders triumphed in New Hampshire on Tuesday alongside Republican Donald Trump, beating his rival Hillary Clinton.

He praised audiences for the large voter turn-out on polling day and was reported to receive a lot of support from young women for his left-wing policies.

Mr Fallon has also impersonated Republican Donald Trump while interviewing Democrat Hillary Clinton. He also played Donald Trump, while interviewing the real Mr Trump.

Candidate impersonations have been more frequent during the election campaign. Johnny Depp made a 50-minute spoof movie about Donald Trump, sporting a Queens accent and a blonde comb-over, released this week on the website Funny Or Die.

Comedian Kate McKinnon also imitated Ms Clinton on SNL. Ms Clinton play along as a bartender called Val, singing and dancing in front of a live audience.

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