Justin Trudeau: Watch Canada’s Prime Minister fight a Conservative Senator in a charity boxing match

We take a look back at his in-ring exploits during a charity boxing match in 2012.

Ryan Ramgobin
Wednesday 21 October 2015 16:37 BST
Justin Trudeau victorious in charity boxing match

Following his decisive victory in Canada’s federal election on Monday, the world wants to know - just who exactly is Justin Tredeau?

He is a liberal. A believer in the legalisation of marijuana. Oh, and he’s got a mean right hook.

In 2012, Mr Trudeau participated in a charity boxing match against Conservative Senator Patrick Brazeau. He overcame expectations and beat the karate black belt Mr Brazeau in the middle of the third round.

In addition to raising money for the charity, Fight For The Cure, the politicians agreed to further stipulations. These rules led to Mr Brazeau having his long locks chopped off in the foyer of the House of Commons and forced to wear a Liberal jersey for a week.

Watch the ceremony below.

So, that’s one more thing we’ve learned about Mr Trudeau.

He’s more than capable of holding his own in a hair vs. hair match like politicians such as Donald Trump and wrestlers like WWE Hall Of Famer, Edge.

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