Keira Knightley finally understands why she has been sent so many hair loss products

'I had no idea what that was about'

Heather Saul
Friday 09 September 2016 17:56 BST
Not a wig
Not a wig (Getty)

Keira Knightley has been receiving products for female baldness for weeks after revealing how she resorted to using wigs in films because the hair dye was making her hair fall out.

Her revelation was largely misinterpreted to mean that Knightley was wearing wigs in her everyday life.

But while this misunderstanding lit-up the internet, Knightley, who does not have personal social media accounts (the actress joined Twitter for 12 hours in 2013 before deleting it), was oblivious. The only thing that did appear on her radar was the number of hair-loss products she was being sent.

This flurry of gifts recently bestowed upon her was explained by The Cut, after one if its journalists tentatively asked her about how she was dealing with her hairloss. Then a lightbulb went on in Knightley's head:

“Wait. I have received a big box of things for female baldness, and I had no idea what that was about.

“Thank you. You have cleared this up, because I can’t tell you how many boxes of hair loss stuff — and there are many on the market — I have at home. And I was like, Wait, does someone know something that I don’t? Am I like bald? Thanks for clearing that up. I was so confused! I wear wigs for films. Which is a great thing and has saved my hair, because when you are on a film set and they are doing your hair everyday and dying it a million different colours, it does tend to fall out.”

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