‘She’s not particularly attractive,’ and other reasons Sandra Bullock should never have Googled herself

The actress was flabbergasted by the comments that came up when she typed her own name into the search engine

Jenn Selby@JennSelby
Monday 06 January 2014 13:03

It’s a huge ‘Don’t’ for any star – and now Sandra Bullock understands why.

The actress was flabbergasted by the search results and comments that came up when she typed her own name into Google recently.

"No human being should ever read the comments sections or ever Google one's self at any time," she told People at the Palm Springs International Film Festival over the weekend, going on to add she expected some criticism, but nowhere near as harsh and acerbic of that which she discovered.

"'Sandra Bullock is over 40’ came up a lot," she continued. "And ‘there's absolutely nothing special about her acting.’"

She went on to reveal that, among the most cutting comments, were posts that claimed ‘She’s not particularly attractive,’ and ‘I can’t stand her’. Oh, and ‘she’s mediocre (and) she’s over 40’.

The actress attended the festival with little-known best industry pals, her Gravity co-star, George Clooney, and Julia Roberts.

"Apparently, Julia ... You and I are in a dispute over George Clooney," she told Roberts of another string of online rumours she uncovered. "We talked about this, right? It's shared custody and we're both fine with it."

And she couldn’t stop herself reading about her own dating rumours, too. Especially following her highly publicised split from Jesse James back in 2010, after he admitted to committing adultery.

"[There were] lots and lots of comments about who I've dated," she said. "Some are true and some I'll never admit to. I was reminded I made out with Meryl Streep. Off-screen, not necessarily her choice. I kind of took her by surprise."

But it wasn’t all bad news for Bullock. Some people liked her hair and teeth.

"And I made some young girls and some over 40 girls laugh with some chick flicks.

"I've had a pretty good life and a pretty good career," she ended on a positive note.

And that’s why she picked up the Desert Palm Achievement Award at the festival for her work on Gravity, too.

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