Noel Edmonds says death doesn't exist and 'electrosmog' is more deadly than Ebola or AIDs

"You cannot die, it’s been known for a very long time," he explains rationally

Chris Mandle
Wednesday 05 August 2015 10:34
Noel Edmonds
Noel Edmonds

Noel Edmonds has given a bizarre new interview claiming that Wi-Fi is 'destroying' our electro-magnetic fields and that death doesn't actually exist.

He also explains that the key to happiness is to re-imagine your physical body as a "container of energy" that will return to a "massive, incomprehensible universal web" once you die. Of course.

"The Wi-Fi and all of the systems that we are introducing into our lives are destroying our own natural electro-magnetic fields," he explained to The Mirror. "All you are is energy, remember that."

Edmonds explained that the best way to achieve a positive mindset is to imagine yourself as a container of energy that will exist beyond any physical realm.

"You don’t live life, life lives you. There isn’t such a thing as death, it’s just departure. You cannot die, it’s been known for a very long time," he says.

"My energy will return to where it came from - part of a massive, incomprehensible universal web of energy."

Edmonds has previously spoken about how cosmic ordering got his life under control, and once claimed the souls of his dead parents existed in two orbs of energy on his shoulders.

But just as there is positive energy, he also believes negative energy is a problem, saying that US dentist Walter Palmer can expect dire consequences after shooting Cecil the lion.

"Something is going to happen to that guy because what he did was so utterly negative,” he warned.

“The energy he poured out left such a big gap, negative energy will pour into him."

There you have it.

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