'Fiddy' gets emotional

Henry Deedes
Tuesday 16 September 2008 00:00 BST

The rapper 50 Cent's transformation from hip-hop bad boy into full-blown luvvie is complete.

"Fiddy" appears to be happier wearing his acting hat than penning songs about "glocks" and "bitches".

"The problem with hip-hop is that creatively it doesn't allow you to display your emotions fully; it doesn't allow you to express vulnerability," he told Pandora at the premiere of his new film, Righteous Kill, on Sunday. "Hip-hop is so competitive that it makes you act a certain way to get to the top."

Kate reveals her child's favourite fragrance

Kate Moss, who in the past has been accused of displaying a predilection for hoofing cocaine, reveals her young daughter has her own guilty pleasure.

"Worryingly, my daughter, Lila, loves the smell of gasoline. She always says, 'Mummy, keep the door open,' when I'm putting petrol in the car," Moss explains. "I remember loving that smell when I was young, too. I've heard it's one of the most preferred scents in the world – maybe that's something to study for my next fragrance."

Moss, who is interviewed in this month's Company magazine, is about to launch her new fragrance, Velvet Hour. It retails at just under a score, so probably cheaper than a can of petrol.

Bruce joins the tribe

The television anthropologist Bruce Parry has taken time away from chewing on rats tails to say thank you to Survival International. Parry, host of the BBC show Tribe, has just finished compiling a fundraising album for the pressure group which specialises in the human rights of tribal people. "It was Bruce's way of saying thanks for all the help we've given him when he was filming Tribe," says a Survival spokesman. "Johnny Borrell and KT Tunstall have contributed to it. But no, Bruce hasn't done any singing on it. Don't be daft."

Number's up for Benn

Environment minister Hilary Benn, has been doing the media rounds lately to promote the Government's new "Save Money, Save Energy" programme to help voters with their energy bills..

Although Benn has been proudly able to roll off the freephone telephone number to call, some of his colleagues didn't find it so easy to remember.

An "Identikit" press release, which was recently dispatched from Benn's office for Labour MPs to forward to constituents, had to be hurredly recalled as the author managed to get the emergency number wrong. D'oh!

Such an arresting conference

Bucking the theory that the Liberal Democrats' Conference is one long snoozeathon, comes news of a delightful altercation in Bournemouth yesterday.

The stand-off occurred during a Christian Aid debate being chaired by the MP Neil Stockley entitled: Coal or Renewables? A Moral Choice. As the panel prepared to take questions, one shouty activist emerged from the crowd and slapped a pair of handcuffs on E.ON's director of energy policy, Sarah Vaughan.

"She said she was arresting her for crimes against humanity," I'm told. "She just stood there for about 10 minutes until Stockley threatened to call it a day. This poor woman from E.ON was quite shaken up."

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