Paul McCartney sends abused animal images to the moon

The singer takes his campaigning to new heights

Ella Alexander
Monday 08 December 2014 12:51 GMT
Paul McCartney backs the "no" campaign in the Scottish referendum
Paul McCartney backs the "no" campaign in the Scottish referendum (Reuters)

As far as animal rights campaigning goes, Paul McCartney’s strategy is a novel choice.

The musician wants to send images of cruelly-treated animals to the moon in a bid to remind generations to come.

McCartney has invested £60 in a “memory box”, which will feature images as well as Peta’s exposé on the meat industry, Glass Walls, narrated by the singer.

The container will be ambitiously sent to the moon in 2025 as part of a crowd-funding project, entitled Lunar Mission One, by British scientists, who plan on launching thousands of digital time capsules to the uninhabited Luna planet.

The photos and DVD are presumably intended to persuade future astronauts to convert to vegetarianism.

“Peta has no doubt that future generations will look back on the slaughter of animals for food with the same astonishment and horror that we feel when confronted with images of human slavery,” says Peta director Mimi Bekhechi.

“Paul's contribution to the lunar time capsule ensures that we never forget what animals have endured at human hands and have hope for a vegan future.”

Sending pictures of tortured animals to the moon, however, is nothing compared to the rap that McCartney punishingly released to promote Meat Free Mondays:

No one will ever forget that website address again.

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