Pete Doherty: 'Drugs are no longer fun'

"On the contrary, it’s just s**t and kills all my creativity," the musician admits

Ella Alexander
Friday 06 June 2014 15:31 BST

Pete Doherty has spoken once again about how he wants to stop taking drugs, this time explaining that they’re “no longer fun”.

“I would like to get rid of the damn drugs,” he said.

“It’s no longer fun. On the contrary, it’s just s**t and kills all my creativity. But it’s difficult to stop.”

He admits that his relationship with drugs has seriously damaged his personal life. The singer has tried to overcome his habit several times, but is yet to succeed.

“My past life is a f*****g mess, a real mess,” he continued.

“It’s gone wrong in so many ways. Although I don’t believe in regrets because that offers nothing – but clearly some things I would like to change. I wish I had better contact with my family. I have caused so much crap.”

Doherty has been imprisoned on various occasions for drug-related offences. He has a son, 11, and a daughter, 3, through two separate relationships.

“I’m a dreamer, that often helps me, no matter how crappy things become,” he said. “Even in prison I told myself it was a good thing to be locked up, because at least I would have time just for me.

“Maybe I’m actually an optimist. I have other choices, right?”

Now based in Germany where he is recording solo material, he will reunite with The Libertines this summer for a Hyde Park gig on 5 July as part of the British Summertime Festival.

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