My Life in Ten Questions...Alex Watson

Interview,Katie Round
Monday 16 August 2010 00:00 BST

Alex Watson, 17, model and younger brother of actress Emma Watson, was propelled into the spotlight after appearing in Burberry’s Spring 2010 campaign alongside his sister. He recently modelled for Silhouette, an international frame manufacturer, where he launched their Titan Minimal Art eyewear campaign. He balances his modelling career with studying for his A-levels, and will enter his final year of school in September.

What’s the most surprising thing that’s ever happened to you?

I guess it would be getting scouted by storm and my whole modelling career kicking off. I never thought I’d have the potential to do anything like that or thought about myself in that way. So it is pretty surprising.

If you were Prime Minister for the day, what would you do?

Could I really say what I would do? No sorry, I can’t say that. I’d probably change the education system a bit. I think we’re over-examined and we’re just regurgitating the stuff we learn.

Do you have any hidden talents?

Yeah, well it’s not perfect and don’t ask me to do it ever but I’m pretty good at speaking backwards, saying words backwards.

Describe the house you grew up in.

I was born in Paris and lived there for a few years but I can’t actually remember that much. I live in a flat in London now and the third floor was given to us by the woman that used to live there. She gave it to us when she passed away so we named our younger sister after her. It has a sort of sentimental value.

What did you want to be as a child?

Well, I’m not that grown up yet but I’d quite like to be a TV journalist. Louis Theroux-esque but with less silly stories. That would be really interesting and fulfilling.

Name a book, song or movie that changed your life.

The work of Monty Python definitely changed my perspective of boundaries of comedy. And Birdsong by Sebastian Faulks, I read that recently. It depressed me for a good three days. It gives you a lot to think. I’d recommend it, but only if you’ve got nothing important to do after, as it will depress you!

What one thing would you save if your house was on fire?

I’ve not got that much important material stuff I guess. There is a painting that was done of Emma and I when we were about 8 and 10. It’s a really nice portrait done by a French lady that we knew. That has quite a lot of sentimental value, so I’d save that.

What were you like at school?

I'm still at school...well, results days in a few days so we’ll see! No, I’m pretty good, A’s that sort of thing. I think I do the minimum to get by but I seem to do alright. I like extra curricula stuff, I’m quite sporty. I’m in the debating society and politics society and that sort of stuff.

If you could meet anyone from history who would it be and what would you ask them?

Socrates. I’m studying philosophy at the moment, it’s really interesting, but the stuff is overwhelming so I’d probably ask him to explain it a bit more.

Name something you are embarrassed to admit…

Other than being able to speak words backwards? That I own an inordinate quantity of shoes. A lot of them were given to me, but I do quite like shoes. For a guy I have probably too many shoes.

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