My Secret Life: Jade Jagger, designer, 37

Saturday 11 July 2009 00:00 BST

My parents were ... a great inspiration to me, although I realise that they were icons to everyone else too. As a child they always encouraged me and gave me the strength and support I needed in order to grow

The house I grew up in ... There were so many different places. I spent a lot of time in Cheyne Walk; it was a classic Victorian house in Chelsea. That was back in the Seventies when that area was in its heyday. It was fun

When I was a child I wanted to be ... a ballerina, but I soon turned to art and knew that I would end up in that world, somehow

The first time I got drunk ... was when I was on a family holiday to the Caribbean, on New Year's Eve. I don't remember how old I was, but I do remember stealing rum punch

If I could change one thing about myself ... I've always wanted to be taller

You wouldn't know it but I'm good at ... cooking. I can just about cook anything, from Japanese cuisine to classic Sunday lunches

You wouldn't know it but I'm no good at ... driving. Since I had a car crash about five years ago, I've been put off. Now I'm very nervous, which makes me very slow

At night I dream of ... Last night I dreamt someone gave me a bob haircut at a Japanese airport. I woke up feeling very freaked out

What I see when I look in the mirror ... I have a bit of a phobia about mirrors. I think maybe I've seen too many Jean Cocteau movies. I'm worried I'll see a porthole into another world

My favourite item of clothing ... is one of the Jezebel T-shirts from my new collection. It is white and fluoro, and has safety pins on it

It's not fashionable but I like ... greyhounds. I have four: Italian and Salukis

I drive ... a G-Wiz. I've had it for about two years and I love it. It's like being in a go-cart and everyone always smiles at you

My house is ... forgiving Modernism. First and foremost it's a family house, so there is a slight sense of clutter and caravan

Movie heaven ... I love watching movies on the projector outside my house in Ibiza. We all get together and sit with blankets under the stars. It's beautiful

My favourite building ... is the Eiffel Tower, especially now that it's all sparkly. It looks so glamorous and flashy, and like it's going to take off at any moment

My favourite work of art ... anything by Ross Bleckner. I own a lot of his pieces

A book that changed me ... was 'The Education of Little Tree' by Forrest Carter. It's an inspirational and rather romantic tale about a young guy growing up in an Indian reserve. It made me open my eyes to a more esoteric, less commercial way of living

The last album I bought ... was a Diplo mix tape

My secret crush ... is still my boyfriend, Dan Williams. Why? That'd be a secret

My real-life villains ... are liars

The person who really makes me laugh ... is good old Eddie Murphy. Something to do with my childhood, and that raw comedy of his. And I love Eddie Izzard

The last time I cried ... I was watching the American TV programme 'Brothers and Sisters'. As a mother you relate to other people's families and things they go through

My five-year plan ... I am building up my fashion label Jezebel to be a super brand, with music, fashion and all things creative

My life in six words ... fun, loving, happy, hot, hectic, indulgent

A life in brief

Jade Sheena Jezebel Jagger was born in Paris on 21 October 1971 to Mick and Bianca Jagger. She spent her early years in New York, being babysat by Andy Warhol ("I taught her to colour and she showed me to play Monopoly," he remarked). Creative director at jewellers Asprey & Garrard from 2000 until 2006, she now has her own fashion label. Jagger lives in London with her three children and partner Dan Williams, and supports the 'Corona Save The Beach' initiative (

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