Talent 2010: The entrepreneur, Callum Negus-Fancey

Charlotte Philby
Saturday 26 December 2009 01:00

Callum Negus-Fancey dropped out of school in the middle of his A-Levels. Formal education, he explains, was just a little two-dimensional. Rather than continuing his studies in economics, philosophy and politics, the head-strong 20-year-old decided to pursue his burgeoning career as an underage party promoter, putting on late-night music events for 16-18 year olds.

"I'd put on a few parties while at school," Callum explains, "and soon realised there was a demand for proper dance music nights for teenagers with big artist line-ups in big venues, with an emphasis on good music." To this effect, Callum launched his own company Let's Go Crazy, with an all-star event on July 2008, at London's infamous SE1 club.

Callum had no marketing budget for his party. Instead, having convinced some big name DJs to play at his event, the teenager set about promoting the club-night through social networking sites such as Facebook, and by word-of-mouth, enlisting students at a number of schools in the capital to sell tickets on commission basis. Within a week, all 3,000 tickets had been shifted.

Since then, Callum has put on around 15 events at clubs and festivals around the country. He has continued to expand the Let's Go Crazy brand with an online magazine, a discount loyalty card for night-club regulars, plans for a one-off fashion event, after GCSE travel packages, and secured gigs at Bestival, Camp Bestival next summer, and its own festival in Hyde Park, for 10,000 guests. In October, EMI released a Let's Go Crazy compilation CD.

Today, at the grand old age of 19, Callum has a personal assistant, a small entourage of staff, and five telephones, to help him manage his ever-expanding business. "Succeeding in business is all about responding to what the market wants," Callum concludes. "The key is listening to the feedback from our audience and offering a product that that they really want."

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