Robert DeNiro calls Jon Voight 'delusional' after actor condemns his Donald Trump takedown

Voight had criticised De Niro's 'ugly rant'

Olivia Blair
Monday 10 October 2016 15:40 BST
Robert De Niro wants to punch Donald Trump in the face

Robert De Niro has shrugged off criticism from Jon Voight over his withering takedown of Donald Trump.

On Saturday, a video was released where De Niro was asked to deliver a plea to Americans on the importance of voting. Instead, The Deer Hunter ​actor delivered a scathing attack on the Republican nominee who among many insults called him a “national disaster”, “embarrassment to this country” and a “punk, dog, pig and mutt who doesn’t know what he’s talking about”.

However, fellow actor Voight – who is backing Mr Trump for the presidency – said he was “ashamed” of De Niro’s “ugly rant”.

In response, DeNiro called Voight “delusional” when asked about the Ray Donovan actor's comments at a press conference in Dubai.

“Voight is a nice guy but he’s delusional," the 73-year-old said. "The Republican party has rationalised that his guy is sane, that this guy should be President. It’s awful, they will self-destruct,” the Khaleej Times reports.

At the press conference, De Niro also reiterated his anger that Mr Trump is an actual contender in the race to the White House.

“I would love to punch him in the face. I’m so angry that this fool has got to this point that he makes us angry and he just cannot be elected President,” he said.

Voight called out the veteran actor in a series of tweets on Saturday, following the release of the De Niro’s viral video.

“I am so ashamed of my fellow actor Bobby DeNiro’s rant against Donald Trump,” he wrote. “What foul words he used against a presidential nominee who has worked harder than any other man I know in the past year and a half to get a good message to the American people”.

Over the weekend, he also defended Mr Trump’s latest scandal which came around after the leak of a 2005 recording where the 70-year-old can be heard making a series of sexist comments including where he says he can grab women “by the p***y”. Several high-profile Republicans have revoked their support of Mr Trump in the wake of the scandal.

“I don’t know of too many men who haven’t expressed some sort of similar sexual terms towards women, especially in their younger years,” Voight wrote on Twitter.

A representative for Voight did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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