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Watch Pete Doherty on drugs rehabilitation: 'There is something inside me that longs to be clean'

Video: In the latest video from his rehab in Thailand, the Libertines frontman says he now sees it is possible for him to be clean

Kiran Moodley
Friday 05 December 2014 13:52 GMT

Pete Doherty says his current stint in rehab has made him see that it is possible for him to overcome his drug addiction and that he is writing songs once again.

In his second interview with Robert Harboard-Hammond at the Hope Rehab Centre just outside Bangkok, Doherty was asked whether he was feeling stronger after the last few months.

"Yeah, I do. Just today though. If you asked me yesterday, I don’t think I would have had the strength to answer. I would have probably burst into tears, " he said, adding, "I've been writing a few new songs. I can see how it's possible to be clean."

Doherty voluntarily checked into the facility in October and he experienced his first clean day last Wednesday when he came off the drug methadone.

Doherty told Hammond that he was having a good day and felt positive and even "blessed". He commented that becoming clean was a welcome change for him.

"I was surprised you get clean and surprised to stay clean," he said. "All the while I was little bit ambivalent and, as I said, surprised to still to be here after six weeks because normally I'm gone for a couple of weeks. And if I do get clean it's only temporarily."

In 2012, Doherty was ejected from another rehab, also in Thailand.

"The gate's wide open, so like why am I still here?" he continued. "It really is just day to day, you can't really think about tomorrow and it’s the first time I've approached it like that. No plans, just blessed to be here and in the right place."

On becoming clean, Doherty said that some people do approach the process as like losing a friend or describing heroin as a "lover who actually cheated on them all the while". Doherty said he did not see it in such a way anymore.

"I just think maybe something inside me shifted," he said. "It's almost against my better judgement. I can't believe I'm saying this now, my better judgement has got be in schtuck more often than not.

"I want to follow what I know is true in my heart and when I say that that’s when things turn right. There must be something inside me that longs to be clean."

To find out more about the Hope Rehab Centre in Thailand, click here.

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