Psychopath killed elderly couple and assaulted girls through terror

Danny Penman
Tuesday 28 February 1995 00:02 GMT


A man said to be suffering from a long-standing psychopathic disorder yesterday admitted killing and sexually mutilating an elderly couple before raping a 14-year-old girl and indecently assaulting an 18-year- old.

Milton Wheeler, 24, of Hounslow, west London, denied murdering Madhavji Ambasna, 82, and his wife Raliat, 72, last April but admitted manslaughter on the ground of diminished responsibility. He also admitted the rape and indecent assault.

Wheeler sat motionless in the dock at the Old Bailey as John Nutting, for the prosecution, described the killing of the elderly couple. He said Wheeler, while living with a girlfriend opposite, fell out with them and decided to "wreak vengeance" on Mrs Ambasna for daring to suggest he had stolen milk.

On 11 April, Wheeler took the day off work and began to drink in a pub near by. He rang the couple's doorbell and, when Mrs Ambasna answered, attacked her with a Stanley Knife. Despite his infirmity, her husband desperately came to her aid and was, in turn, attacked.

"He repeatedly stabbed both victims with the Stanley Knife, which was later found covered in both victim's blood in his jacket. He also repeatedly stabbed Mrs Ambasna with a pair of scissors," Mr Nutting said.

The couple's jugular veins were severed and he sexually mutilated the bodies before stealing jewellery and cash.

Later that evening, Wheeler went to buy food from a fish and chip shop where he met two girls sheltering from a gang of teenage boys. When he left, the two followed, hoping he would protect them. He invited the girls to take shelter in a friend's house. As they entered he locked the door, pushed the 18-year-old on a sofa, climbed on top of her and said: "I'm going to make you wish you had never come in here."

He produced a sheath knife and raped the 14-year-old, while warning the older girl that he would slit her throat if she tried to help. He then forced the 14-year-old to commit an indecent act with her friend.

Wheeler took the girls at knifepoint to his friend's flat opposite the Ambasna's. He forced the girls to remove their clothes before committing further indecent assaults. He marched the two, still-naked, into the Ambasna's flat and made them lie on separate beds while tying them up. He taunted them, saying they would have to decide which would die. As they had seen Mr Ambasna's body "this added to their terror", Mr Nutting said.

Before leaving, Wheeler bit both girls so hard that he left identifiable teeth marks. After he had gone, the younger girl wriggled free and got help.

Wheeler was arrested two hours later when he returned to the scene. He made no admissions to police but described what he had done to a cellmate.

Mr Nutting said three psychiatrists agreed Wheeler, convicted of attempted rape in 1988, was suffering from a severe and long-standing psychopathic disorder and presented a grave danger to the public.

Today the court will hear mitigating evidence.

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