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How the world can eat meat without killing animals

'Supermeat' claims to be not just the answer to world hunger, but also healthier, cheaper and better for the environment

Matt Murphy
Monday 08 August 2016 10:03 BST
Supermeat - real meat without killing animals

Scientists may have found the answer to every carnivore's problem, eating real meat without ever having to worry about slaughtered animals.

SuperMeat, a startup company from Israel, claims to have discovered a cruelty-free direction for the world to take that involves the production of meat in a lab, instead of a farm.

Their IndieGogo campaign, which has now surpassed its $100,000 target, is seeking more funding to be able to afford their ‘meat machine’ prototype.

"Our technology allows us to expand cells isolated from a small tissue biopsy taken without hurting the animals," Professor Yaakov Nahmias, co-founder and head of research explains in their campaign video.

The startup claim they don’t just have a solution for environmental issues, but can also feed more people without running out, whilst being healthier and even cheaper than your average steak.

SuperMeat’s comedic video, since being shared on Facebook by a different campaign group called Mercy For Animals, has amassed almost 3.5million views in just a few days.

This isn’t the very first attempt at lab-grown meat.

In 2013, a £250,000 burger was made by Dutch scientists through a similar process. And this year, a US firm managed to create a meatball for almost £14,000 (per pound).

Professor Nahmias says that this concept has the ability not just to feed a privileged few, but also localise production – no matter where you are in the world.

“We can place our meat-generating machines in local supermarkets, in restaurants and even at your own home.” He said.

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