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The first operation on a grape was a success

Hang in there, little guy

Christopher Hooton
Thursday 14 May 2015 11:18 BST
(da Vinci Surgery)

A grape has undergone pioneering reconstructive surgery, being stitched back together with medical sutures during an incredibly cute operation.

The incredible moment the grape is restored to its former Rubenesque self is seen in the video below, which was shot by da Vinci Surgery to show off its robotic arm system.

Around 3,000 of them are already being used around the world, allowing surgeons to operate on the human body with more precision and flexibility than a human wrist can provide.

The system aims to reduce blood loss and even reduce pain post-operation thanks to its deft and delicate movements, but is not without its controversies.

Adding a robot element to surgery screams 'lawsuit', and indeed manufacturer Intuitive Surgical has already been hit with several, some accusing it of post-op complications and one claiming its use resulted in the death of a patient.

As with self-driving cars, robotic surgical machinery will have to be perfected before it can be used widely, but it has huge potential.

The grape is said to be doing well following the procedure.


(HT Motherboard)

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