Watch again: Solar eclipse seen from Nasa telescope

Lucy Leeson
Tuesday 09 April 2024 06:39 BST

Watch again for the total solar eclipse 2024 updates from Nasa on Monday (8 April).

The stream included live eclipse views, crowd reactions from various locations, and interviews with scientists.

In North America, the path of totality – where the eclipse will be fully visible – ranged from Mexico’s Pacific coast to US states including Texas, Illinois, Ohio and New York.

It then made its way to Canada, moving from the city of Montreal to the provinces of New Brunswick and Newfoundland.

Unfortunately, the total solar eclipse was not be visible from the UK and Ireland. However, a partial solar eclipse – where a little bit of the Sun is covered, and a small percentage is blocked out by the Moon – was visible close to sunset, between about 7.50pm and 8.50pm

There are between two and five solar eclipses each year with a total eclipse taking place every 18 months or so.

Total solar eclipses are seen every 400 years from any one place on the surface of the Earth.

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