The most tweeted about topic of 2016 has been revealed

Donald Trump only came 8th in the list

Thomas Goulding@TomGoulding
Sunday 11 December 2016 17:17
What were the top 10 trends in 2016?

”Rio2016” was the highest globally trending topic on Twitter in 2016, while England’s defeat to Iceland in Euro 2016 was the most tweeted moment in the UK.

The top ten global trends on Twitter included four political issues, with Brexit, Trump, Election2016 and BlackLivesMatter all making the list.

All of the top ten moments with the highest volume of tweets were football-related, with seven of them during the European Championships in France.

Chilcot, JuniorDoctors and PanamaPapers made the top ten political trends in the UK, with Brexit being number one.

RIP was the ninth highest global trend, with David Bowie, Muhammad Ali, Prince as well as Alan Rickman and Leonard Cohen just some of the many icons to have passed away in 2016.

A viral star from Spain called @elrubius had the most retweeted tweet of the year, drawing upon a YouTube subscriber base of 21m fans to retweet a tweet of his 1.38m times.

Old flame of Taylor Swift, Harry Styles celebrated his 22nd birthday with a tweet referencing the song ‘22’ by Swift, in the second most retweeted tweet of the year:

While Hillary Clinton’s post-election message for young girls took third place with 634,560 retweets:

Leicester City’s celebratory tweet as they became Premier League champions for the first time ever was the most retweeted sport-related tweet sent globally in the year.

The most retweeted video on Twitter was a thank-you message from One Direction to their fans after six years of music, closely followed by this video of a cat in a basket of chicklings:

The Top 10 global trends on Twitter in full were:

  1. Rio2016
  2. Election2016
  3. PokemonGo
  4. Euro2016
  5. Oscars
  6. Brexit
  7. BlackLivesMatter
  8. Trump
  9. RIP
  10. GameofThrones

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