Billy Wright report: the key findings

Michael McHugh,Pa
Sunday 23 October 2011 09:06

The Wright Inquiry report stretched to 700 pages. Key findings included:

* There was no collusion in the death of Billy Wright;

* Security files on prisoners were destroyed on two occasions;

* The failure of the Prison Service to classify killers Christopher McWilliams and John Kenneway as top-risk prisoners after they held a prison officer hostage in April 1997 was a wrongful omission which facilitated the murder of Wright;

* The free run of prisoners may have made it easier to cut the yard fence before the attack;

* The Prison Service failed to strengthen roof defences and secure the exercise yard;

* Prison Service head Alan Shannon was criticised for appointing Martin Mogg governor of the Maze prison while he was still director of operational management. This severely weakened the operational capacity of the directorate;

* Management failures mean there should be a review of the prison service similar to Lord Patten's overhaul of policing;

* There was no proper risk assessment of the prison van transfer which the gunmen targeted to ensure hostile inmates did not come into contact;

* The Prison Service did not properly consider a Red Cross warning in November 1997 that the LVF and INLA wing of the jail was a "powder-keg";

* There was a suspicion of deliberate police malpractice in destroying audit trails and concealing evidence.