Neo-Nazi ‘impatient for war on Jews’ jailed over far-right terror group links

Extremist desperate to wage race war grew tired with terrorist group’s ‘dreamers’, court hears

Andy Gregory
Saturday 20 July 2019 21:23
Far-right extremist sentenced on Friday for involvement with illegal terror group
Far-right extremist sentenced on Friday for involvement with illegal terror group

A self-described fanatic ”impatient for a war on Jews” has been jailed for three years over links to the far-right terrorist group National Action.

Daniel Ward, 28, was sentenced on Friday at Birmingham Crown Court, where the prosecutor described him as being “so full on that even Nazi extremists took a step back”.

National Action became the first organisation to be banned by the government since World War Two in December 2016, following the murder of MP Jo Cox.

Police discovered a cache of air rifles, ammunition and neo-Nazi propaganda during a raid on Ward’s home in September.

The court heard that he told fellow members he was “100 per cent committed” to fighting a war and had searched the internet for methods of building tear gas grenades and obtaining semi-automatic weapons.

Ward, of Bartley Green, Birmingham, admitted belonging to the proscribed group on 28 January.

Prosecutor Barnaby Jameson QC read aloud Ward’s initial email to National Action, which read: ”We are at war and it’s time for me to fight for my children’s future and the future of our people.

“... All I have to offer is my thirst for gratuitous violence!”

Further email correspondence revealed Ward was “impressed with National Action’s military channels”.

‘You seem almost militarised in your actions and sabotage,” he wrote.

Ward went on to praise Adolf Hitler, using strong antisemitic language. "Sorry if I’ve gone on, I just have nobody to discuss this with,” he said.

Ward then attended a meeting of the organisation in Dudley, where he was photographed performing a Nazi salute.

He did not heed the National Action ban, but did later part ways with the group, saying he was impatient for war and “had no interest in being involved with dreamers”.

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Four other defendants stood trial accused of the same offence in April, but the jury were unable to reach a verdict.

A re-trial has been set for January next year.

Ward will spend 10 years on licence in addition to his jail sentence.

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