Gay man tricked four straight men into sex after posing as woman on Tinder then blindfolding them, court hears

One alleged victim lifted mask during encounter to realise he was with a bearded male

Colin Drury
Friday 28 September 2018 15:17 BST
Gay man tricked four 'straight' men into sex after posing as woman on Tinder then blindfolding them

A gay man tricked four straight men into sex by posing as a woman on Tinder and other dating apps, a court has heard.

Duerte Xavier told victims he would meet for liaisons in parks or his flat if they wore a blindfold throughout their encounter, it is alleged.

But the 33-year-old’s apparent deception came to light when one man lifted the blindfold while receiving oral sex, the court heard. “I saw this man with a beard,” he told Kingston Crown Court.

A second victim was also given oral sex by the accused, while two others performed anal sex on him believing it was vaginal, it was claimed.

The man who called police told jurors he had matched with a “good looking” woman call Anna on dating app Lovoo. She promised sex if he promised to wear a blindfold. “Be my obedient toy,” the message said.

They met at Mr Xavier’s flat in southwest London, where the victim – who cannot be named for legal reasons – put on a blindfold before his host emerged, the court heard.

Asked how he felt when he realised mid-oral sex he was with a man, he said “pissed off”.

He added: “My reaction was I slapped this man in his face once or twice and I said 'why didn't you tell me the truth?'"

And, despite the alleged victim fleeing, Mr Xavier continued to pester him for a second encounter, the court heard. At one point he is alleged to have sent sad-face emojis.

Another alleged victim said he was tricked into having anal sex in a park after falling for the apparently fake profile. He was told to go to a specific place, put on a blindfold and wait. He said the person who approached sounded “feminine” and gave “quite pleasant” oral sex before things progressed.

The man said: “I think originally she was saying about it was not practical to do it here, but I kind of insisted a bit and managed to change her mind.”

He said he had no reason to believe it was "anything else" but sex with a woman.

He added: “It was her telling me about keeping the blindfold on, standing where I was because then she was going to go and leave the vicinity before I did. It was different, I have not experienced anything like that before."

Defending, Helen Butcher said the alleged victim knew he was meeting a man and described the situation as “role play”.

Mr Xavier denies six counts of “causing a person to engage in sexual activity without consent” with four separate men.

The trial continues.

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