Gayle Newland appeal: Woman jailed for tricking friend into sex by pretending to be man set to appear in court

The 26-year-old is appealing her eight-year prison sentence

Tom Embury-Dennis
Wednesday 12 October 2016 16:31 BST
Gayle Newland
Gayle Newland (PA)

A woman who pretended to be a man to trick her female friend into having sex using a prosthetic penis is set to appear in court.

Gayle Newland, of Willaston, Cheshire, is appealing her conviction for three counts of sexual assault and an eight-year prison sentence at the Court of Appeal.

The 25-year-old convinced her friend she was a man by putting on a deep voice and using a blindfold across a dozen sexual encounters during a two-year relationship.

Newland’s victim said she had been made to wear the blindfold at all times the pair were together, even while they sunbathed and “watched” a film at her flat.

She told the court she only realised her partner was a woman when she pulled her blindfold off during sex and saw it was her friend wearing a strap-on penis.

Newland has always maintained her innocence, insisting her accuser knew she was pretending and was a willing participant in sexual role play as both struggled with their sexuality.

Judge Roger Dutton described Newland as an “obsessional, highly manipulative, deceitful, scheming and thoroughly determined young woman”.

She was jailed in November, but the conviction and prison term sparked outrage among supporters. A petition to reduce the sentence was signed by around 1,500 people.

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