Jealous mother who ran over love rival made pregnant by the father of her child is jailed

Alexis Glass claimed ‘self defence’ as she threatened to kill victim

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Monday 28 February 2022 21:04 GMT
Glass, 20, sent pregnant victim to hospital for weeks
Glass, 20, sent pregnant victim to hospital for weeks (Isleworth Crown Court/Danny Halpin)

A jealous mother has been jailed for three years for running over a love rival who had been made pregnant by the father of her child.

Alexis Glass, 20, mounted the pavement and crushed Chantay Dunlavy against a wall on Summerwood Road, Isleworth, west London, on 10 September last year.

David Markham, prosecuting, said: “The defendant deliberately drove her vehicle at the victim who was 36 weeks pregnant at the time.

“The defendant’s own child was in the vehicle in an unsecure baby seat.”

Glass had only given birth two months before the incident and the father of the baby, known as Jayden, was also the father of Ms Dunlavy's unborn child, Isleworth Crown Court heard.

“It was clear that some tension simmered between the two women before the attack,” Mr Markham said.

The day before, the pair exchanged aggressive text messages in which Glass threatened to kill Ms Dunlavy.

Glass said she would be happy if Ms Dunlavy’s baby died during labour to which Ms Dunlavy replied: “You’re pushing your luck.

“You don't know who I am, Jayden can give you numerous occasions where I’ve thumped a bitch’s face.

“Last time I saw you you ran. Instead of being a full grown adult you are being a pathetic little child. No one wants him, you can have him.

“Your baby is going to grow up knowing it should have been aborted,” said Glass in a following message.

“Luckily I drive, I will just run you over.”

The next day Ms Dunlavy went with her mother to Glass’s home to “resolve matters peacefully”, Mr Markham said.

They sat in their car on the estate waiting for Glass to arrive. When she turned up, the mother got out to speak to her, leaving Ms Dunlavy in the car.

She told the defendant she had seen the messages and that it had to stop as they were both in the same situation with Jayden.

As Dunlavy left the car to join her mother and she and Glass began shouting at each other, so the mother started to leave with her daughter.

Glass got into her car and said: “You’ve come to my house, I’m going to kill you. This is self defence.”

Ms Dunlavy and her mother moved to an area behind some bollards as Glass sped at them and slammed the brakes.

CCTV footage showed how Glass sped towards them, mounted the pavement and pinned Ms Dunlavy against a wall.

Her mother jumped on the bonnet, shouting, and Glass reversed her car and drove off.

Ms Dunlavy suffered a crushed right leg and spent three weeks in St Mary’s hospital.

Fortunately her baby was uninjured.

In an impact statement read in court by Mr Markham she said she felt “overwhelmed with sadness and fear about losing her baby”.

Mr Markham said: “The attack ruined the remaining weeks of her pregnancy and replaced it with fear. She was unable to give birth in the way she had planned.

“It was extremely traumatic for her.”

Ms Dunlavy said: “Since the attack I have suffered with extreme panic attacks, depression, feelings of fear.

“I avoid social situations and even avoid going to the shop.”

She also said that she struggles to walk more than a few metres without having to stop and is still suffering from swelling and pain nearly six months later.

“And she expresses concern that there may be another attack from the defendant,” Mr Markham said.

Appearing by video link from HMP Bronzefield, Glass had left the video room while Mr Markham read the facts of the case but she returned to listen to her representative, Jose Olivares-Chandler.

“I have had numerous conferences with Miss Glass and during those she has appreciated the impact on Chantay and her family,” Mr Olivares-Chandler said.

“This was an impulsive, isolated and out of character incident. This defendant wants nothing more to do with the victim and her family.”

Judge Alistair Hammerton said: “The defendant’s actions were aggressive and impulsive and she appeared to be acting from raw emotions, anger and jealousy, because her boyfriend was having a baby with someone else.

“She used her car as a weapon and targeted someone who was pregnant and therefore vulnerable.

“I accept that she was suffering from postnatal depression at the time and I have also read references describing her as a loving mother who worked for the elderly.”

Glass’s son is now in foster care and Judge Hammerton said it is unlikely that she will be given primary care of him when she is released.

She received three years detention in a young offenders institute and is banned from driving for 30 months.

Glass was also given a restraining order preventing her from contacting Ms Dunlavy or her mother for five years.

She pleaded guilty to cruelty to a child, dangerous driving, malicious communication and grievous bodily harm with intent.

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