JLS star Oritse Williams says he was 'taken advantage of' by woman who accuses him of rape

'I am feeling bewildered at this whole thing,' pop singer says

Matthew Cooper
Monday 20 May 2019 17:40
Ex-JLS star Oritse Williams departs Wolverhampton Crown Court

Former JLS star Oritse Williams told police he felt “taken advantage of” after a woman accused him of raping her in his hotel room, a court heard.

The 32 year-old pop singer claims he had consensual sex with the alleged victim after meeting her at a concert in Wolverhampton in December 2016

He told officers during his interview that the rape allegation was “crazy”, adding: “I am very perplexed, to be honest with you.

“I am feeling bewildered at this whole thing. I do feel taken advantage of. I just feel like a musician, an artist that has been put into a position where they have been taken advantage of.”

Giving evidence at Wolverhampton Crown Court, Williams said he was motivated to set up JLS and enter X-Factor because it was the “quick route to success”.

He said he needed money to pay for treatment for his mother, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis when he was 12 years old.

On the night of the alleged incident he had been promoting his new single "Waterline" at the Gorgeous nightclub in the city.

He said he found the complainant attractive when they met in the VIP area following his solo performance.

Williams said: “I thought she was a beautiful person in general – we had a vibe.”

They travelled back to his room at the Ramada hotel with his tour manager Jamien Nagadhana,

He told the court that the woman left, only to come back a few minutes later.

“She said that she didn’t want to leave – she wants to stay with me,” he said.

​Williams said that he “couldn’t perform properly” because he had drunk alcohol and added: “I think she was annoyed I couldn’t perform for long.”

He insisted that she did not tell him to stop or push him away.

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Nagadhana admitted kissing the woman but told police he backed off when he realised she was “getting together” with Williams.

The complainant told jurors last week that she had a “bits and pieces” memory of her night after drinking Malibu, sambuca and shots.

Giving evidence from behind a curtain shielding her from the public gallery, the woman told the jury panel: “The memories I do have, I know took place.”

Williams denies rape and Nagadhana, 32, denies sexual touching and assault by penetration.

The trial continues.

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