Mother to bring alleged rapist to justice via crowdfunding after prosecutors refuse to press charges

Prosecutors declined to bring charges, despite claims from Emily Hunt she woke up 'naked and terrified'

Monday 06 November 2017 20:02
Emily Hunt says she woke up 'naked and terrified'
Emily Hunt says she woke up 'naked and terrified'

A mother who says she was raped by a stranger has now set up a crowdfunding page to bring her alleged attacker to justice.

Emily Hunt, who has waived her right to anonymity, claims she was raped by a stranger in a London hotel room, after being drugged.

Prosecutors declined to bring charges, despite claims from the 38-year-old she woke up “naked and terrified” next to a man she did not know in May 2015.

The Crown Prosecution Service said there was not enough evidence to bring charges and police had apparently suggested she may have made up the allegations because she had been unfaithful to her boyfriend – something she denies.

CCTV footage showed her with the man being "very flirty" and "kissing him".

Ms Hunt told the Evening Standard she had gone out for lunch but could not recall anything after 4pm.

“I woke up naked and terrified on a hotel bed next to a man I’d never seen before. I suspected that I been drugged, and, as I found out two days later, I had been raped. I reported it immediately so the police had me, my rapist and the hotel room,” Ms Hunt said.

"They found used condoms in the room. The Crown Prosecution Service told me they couldn’t prosecute.

“One reason was that there is CCTV footage of me being very flirty, kissing him. But I believe I was drugged. In the CCTV I’m literally falling over so it’s very clear that I’m heavily intoxicated.

“I don’t remember meeting him or any of that. It was impossible for me to have given consent. I was falling over.

"The police wouldn’t take me for a medical exam because I was too intoxicated to give consent for a medical exam,” she added.

Ms Hunt said she was setting up a charity to raise funds and bring a private prosecution in the case. A page she has set up on has raised more than £5,500 towards a £100,000 goal.

The CPS said in a statement: “Having looked carefully at all the available evidence, a specialist prosecutor decided there was insufficient evidence for a realistic prospect of conviction in this case.

"At the request of the victim, the case was subject to a further review by the head of our rape and sexual offences team, who upheld the original decision.

“We met the victim to explain the decision further and answer any questions she had. While we are of course sympathetic to the complainant, this is not a prosecution we were able to bring to court.”