Man jailed for damaging Jamiroquai star's Ferrari

Tuesday 09 July 2013 02:34

A chef who admitted damaging a Ferrari Enzo supercar belonging to Jamiroquai frontman Jay Kay was jailed for 20 weeks today.

Aaron Billington, 21, was jailed at Ipswich Crown Court after causing several thousands pounds' worth of damage to the car last month outside a hotel in Aldeburgh, Suffolk, in eastern England, the Press Association reported.

His lawyer Christopher Morgan told the court that Billington saw Kay and another man called Charlie walking along the beach with two women early on the morning of March 3.

Morgan said Billington was upset because he "had an emotional attachment to one of the young ladies in the company of Charlie and Jay Kay. That is perhaps unknown to Jay Kay at the time."

He added that Billington was also mocked because of a stutter which became more pronounced when he was "under pressure". He did not know exactly what had happened, because he was "in drink", Morgan said.

Shortly afterwards, Kay, 39, invited the two women to his room. "It was easy to draw the obvious conclusion what was going on at the time," the lawyer said. Witnesses then saw Billington vandalising the car by pelting it with stones.

Kay's lawyer Naomi Turner said Kay intended to give any compensation granted by the court to charity. The court heard the total amount of damage had been revised from an initial estimate of £30,000 to about £9,400.