‘Neo-Nazi’ politics student appears in court accused of encouraging terror attacks

Andrew Dymock allegedly shared posts reading ‘rape the cops’ and ‘join your local Nazis’

Lizzie Dearden
Security Correspondent
Friday 03 January 2020 15:08
Andrew Dymock arrives at the Old Bailey to face terrorism charges on Friday
Andrew Dymock arrives at the Old Bailey to face terrorism charges on Friday

An alleged neo-Nazi accused of encouraging people to rape police officers and commit terror attacks has appeared in court.

Andrew Dymock, 22, is facing charges for promoting a neo-Nazi group online, and is said to possess far-right literature, clothes and flags.

He was studying politics at Aberystwyth University at the time of the 12 alleged terror offences.

Mr Dymock, the son of academics, was first arrested at Gatwick Airport by counterterror police on his way to the US in June.

A hearing at the Old Bailey on Friday heard that he promoted the neo-Nazi System Resistance Network (SRN) group through Twitter and a website.

One of the documents allegedly found in his possession was a poster entitled: “Rape the Cops. System whores get the f***ing rope.”

Other charges relate to Twitter posts said to include the words: “Join your local Nazis.”

Prosecutors alleged that he possessed literature, clothes and flags linked to the extreme Misanthropic Division, Atomwaffen Division and Sonnenkrieg Division groups.

Mr Dymock stands accused of five counts of encouraging terrorism, four counts of disseminating terrorist publications, two counts of terrorist fundraising, one count of possessing material useful to a terrorist, as well as three of publishing material to stir up hatred based on race and sexual orientation.

The bearded defendant, who is on conditional bail, appeared in the dock wearing a blue suit and pink shirt and spoke to confirm his name.

Mr Justice Sweeney granted the defendant continued bail, after his mother pledged a £50,000 security payment at a previous hearing.

Mr Dymock, from Bath, is to appear next at the Old Bailey on 20 April ahead of a trial scheduled to start in July.

Additional reporting by PA