Police shoot siege gunman dead

Dave Higgens
Wednesday 29 December 2010 01:00

A man was shot dead by police after he shot one officer and continued to fire from a house during a seven-hour siege. Alistair Bell, 42, was killed by police marksmen at his home in the village of Kirkheaton, near Huddersfield.

The incident began when uniformed officers arrived at Bell's house in Cockley Hill Lane at about 10pm on Monday to arrest him. Police said he shot one unarmed male officer on the doorstep. The PC was taken to hospital with minor injuries.

Bell went back into the end-terrace house and continued to fire throughout the night.

Nearby residents said the incident ended at 5.30am when they heard one shot followed a moment later by three louder shots in quick succession.

People living in the area, which remained cordoned off last night, said they were shocked at such violence in a quiet village. Others said Bell had a history of criminal behaviour and drug problems.

Mark Blezzard, 30, who lives opposite, said he heard eight or nine shots during the incident.