'Pranksters' arrested at Windsor Castle

By Tim Ross,Tony Jones
Friday 18 October 2013 02:36

Four men have been arrested as they tried to breach security at Windsor Castle, a week after Aaron Barschak, the self-styled Comedy Terrorist, succeeded in gatecrashing Prince William's 21st birthday party.

The men, in their early 20s, made their attempt after two journalists claimed to have breached security at the castle. Police officers caught the men trying to get into the grounds from the north terrace. They were arrested and questioned at Maidenhead police station.

Scotland Yard said the four appeared to have been carrying out "an ill-conceived prank at the end of a night out". There was no breach of the secure area and they were released. But police warned the public not to attempt such pranks at protected locations because they could be injured, or arrested and detained.

The Sunday Mirror reported that a journalist and photographer were allowed into the area around the castle without security checks being made after they told staff they were collecting someone.