Sex offender named in Milly murder hunt

By Severin Carrell
Friday 27 December 2013 05:53

Detectives investigating the murder of Milly Dowler have been given the name of a serious suspect by an expert on sex offenders.

Ray Wyre, a probation officer with 30 years' experience of debriefing paedophiles, phoned Surrey police on Friday with the name of a Southampton man jailed for abducting and raping young girls, but who is not listed on the main national sex offenders register.

The chief suspect "is a high probability – a guy who travelled around the country, abducting and sexually abusing girls," Mr Wyre said. "I know he had fantasies of killing them in the future."

His disclosure came as Surrey detectives revealed that none of Milly's clothing or possessions were found near her remains, which were discovered on Wednesday in Yateley Heath Wood near Fleet in Hampshire, 20 miles from her home in Walton-on-Thames. The police have started a finger-tip search for clues and begun door-to-door inquiries.

Special prayers will be said at St Mary's Church in Walton-on-Thames today.