Terror websites inspired July bombings, says report

Anthony Barnes
Friday 19 July 2013 06:46

The Home Office analysis says the attacks on three Tube trains and a bus, claiming 52 lives, were co-ordinated from information from websites rather than with the help and funding of a terrorist kingpin, it was reported last night. It says the rucksack bombs were put together for a few hundred pounds.

After the attacks a further bag of explosives was found in a car at Luton station, which initially led to a hunt for a further suspect. But the report - to be published in the next few weeks - discounts the theory that there was a fifth bomber, according to The Observer.

Mohammad Sidique Khan, who was born in Leeds, is confirmed as the leader of the group. The quartet's mission is said to have been the result of their concerns about the UK's foreign policy, which they interpreted as anti-Muslim. They were also motivated by the belief their actions would lead to immortality.

A tape of Khan released in the wake of the attacks and featuring Osama Bin Laden's deputy is judged to have been edited together after the attacks.