Fox pops into Caffe Nero, causes a latte problems

Who ordered the foxy frappé?

Kiran Moodley@kirancmoodley
Friday 30 January 2015 12:38

Has London's fox problem reached boiling point?

Video from the Caffe Nero in BBC Broadcasting House on Regent Street shows a wily old fox running into the entrance of the coffee shop and scampering under the chairs and tables.

Of course, with Londoners not fazed by the growing presence of the litter-loving mammals across the capital, hardly anyone seems to be that bothered by the presence of the furry creature in the calm environs of a coffee chain.

After a quick peruse around the Nero furniture, the fox turns back around and is gently shooed out of the store by a man and his briefcase.

Clearly the customers at Caffe Nero did not get Wandsworth Council's memo from last year, which told residents troubled by urban foxes raiding their bins to shoot the creatures.

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