HIV man tells of safe sex

Sunday 05 July 1992 23:02

THE MAN at the heart of the Birmingham HIV scare said last night that he had only once failed to practise safe sex with a woman after learning that he could pass on the virus.

Roy Cornes, 24, a haemophiliac, said in a Granada Television interview that he felt 'a little bit of responsibility' towards women he had infected. But he said reports that he had infected women with HIV in an act of revenge were 'total rubbish'. He said he did not know he could pass it on through sexual intercourse when he was first told he was positive, in 1985. He said he first learned of the risk two years later, and claimed: 'I was more careful of it then. I did tell my partners . . . But what they are putting in the papers, saying that I have been with so many women, is untrue.'

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