Amir Khan's wife Faryal Makhdoom apologises after referring to herself as 'p***' on Instagram

Model is of Pakistani descent but was raised in America 

Toyin Owoseje@toyinreports
Tuesday 14 August 2018 21:12
Amir Khan's wife Faryal Makhdoom apologises after referring to herself as 'p---' on Instagram

Boxer Amir Khan’s wife Faryal Makhdoom has taken to social media to apologise to fans after using a racial slur.

The American-born Pakistani model and makeup guru said she “didn’t mean any harm whatsoever” when she referred to herself as a “p***” in an Instagram post.

Ms Makhdoom provoked controversy when she shared a image of herself wearing traditional baroque print Shalwar kameez along with the caption: “The P*** inside of me @deluxe collections.”

Widespread use of the word ‘p***’ dates back to the 1960s when it was associated with violence towards those of south Asian descent.

The mother-of-two’s use of the derogative term prompted a strong response from scores of her 860K followers, with one person writing: “Disgusting for you to use the word ‘P**I’ ! It’s a term used by racists and not terminology to be proud of!”

Another said: “Seriously astonished you resorted to that word…please see a shrink.”

Faryal Makhdoom issues apology to fans after using the racial slur 'P***'

A third added: "'P**i' is a word that was used just before 'go back home', insult and target Asians and the people of Pakistan .. my children are half Pakistani and I wouldn’t allow them to ever call themselves “p**i” – 'Pakistani' , yes, but not the word that white people in England once and still do play with."

However, a number fans came to her defence, claiming she was entitled to adopt the phrase because of her cultural heritage.

“She is Pakistani she can call her self whatever she wants so leave her alone,” one commenter said.

Another added: “False indignation over a non-issue is what this is. She’s Pakistani, she can say it if she wants. You have your opinion, I have mine.”

The wave of criticism prompted the 27-year-old social media influencer to revise her caption by swapping the word ‘P***’ for ‘Pakistani’.

In her Instagram stories, she penned an apology to her fans to suggest the phrase was not offensive in American culture. .

“Sorry guys, I’m American and saying p*** - short of Pakistani isn’t offensive here. But I believe it is in the UK, so apologies,” she wrote.

“I’m fully Pakistani myself so I would NEVER mean to say it in any wrong way… apologies x.”

Minutes later she added: “Hey guys! Huge apologies for any offence caused – as a Pakistani myself I don’t deem shortening the word offensive esp as we use it so openly in the US however I totally understand why it can be perceived that way. I didn’t mean any harm whatsoever. Apologies.”

Her divisive language comes just weeks after he boxer husband faced backlash for referring to transgender star Caitlyn Jenner as her deadname - the moniker she was know as before her transition - 'Bruce', in a Snapchat picture after the pair met at an awards ceremony.

Mr Khan apologised to the LGBT community for the blunder, saying he was referring her sports image as an Olympian.

"It’s been brought to my attention that was it was wrong regardless," he said.