Brexit campaigner Nigel Evans says idea immigration will fall after EU referendum result a 'misunderstanding'

When asked if immigration will fall significantly now the UK is leaving the EU, Mr Evans answered: 'No'

Leave MP Nigel Evans says Brexit can't promise immigration will drop

MP Nigel Evans has admitted immigration will not fall significantly as a result of Brexit, claiming the referendum result only means “control” rather than a reduction in numbers.

The Conservative MP told BBC Radio 5 live there had been “some misunderstanding” about the consequences of Brexit on immigration.

When asked to say if migration to the UK would fall significantly now the country was leaving the EU, Mr Evans answered: “No."

He said: "Under the new Australian points system that we will get in place we will be able to control the amount of immigration.”

According UN figures, immigration per head is higher in Australia than the UK. In 2015, 13 per cent of the UK population was from “international migrant stock”, while 29 per cent of the Australian population was.

Mr Nolan highlighted the fact the word “control” could mean net migration rises, rather than falls.

Mr Evans said: “The Remain side pointed out to us that Australia's immigration figure had actually increased. And our counterpoint to that was yes, because Australia has decided they wished more immigration into Australia.”

The MP for the Ribble Valley said the decision to leave the EU only meant the government would have another "look at" the way migration was handled.

He said: “With the leadership campaign we are going to have, we will be able to put in place somebody who will be able to look at the immigration system.”

Mr Evans's remarks come after one MEP admitted Brexit might not mean an end to the free movement of labour across the continent.

MEP Daniel Hannan said: “Frankly, if people watching think that they have voted and there is now going to be zero immigration from the EU, they are going to be disappointed."

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