Bystanders force armed motorbike thieves to abandon daytime London robbery

“If you come near me, I will kill you,” one of the duo shouted as onlookers approached them

Thomas Goulding
Wednesday 07 December 2016 19:09 GMT
Bystanders force violent motorbike thieves to abandon daytime London robbery

A confrontation between armed motorbike thieves and bystanders in Central London shows a successful intervention to stop suspects stealing a £40,000 Ducati motorbike.

Andre Goetten, 30, filmed the escalating incident as two thieves were attempting to saw off the lock of the bike in Soho Square, London.

Onlookers were circling the duo, who were both aggressively threatening bystanders with their grinder and a hammer as weapons, while attempting to steal the vehicle.

The suspects made verbal threats, shouting: “If you come near me, I will kill you.”

As they managed to get the bike free, members of the public attempted to push the bike off balance and retrieve it as they tried to speed away.

The witnesses successfully force the suspects to leave the bike and speed away empty-handed on their own.

A person identifying themselves as the owner of the Ducati, named Ron William online, said anyone that provides information to catch the suspects would be rewarded.

Goetten, a tourist in London visiting from Brazil, told the Evening Standard, “'I wasn’t scared because I’m used to this thing happening where I’m from, but I was surprised to see it happen in London.

"Even in Brazil they wait until the night time before trying to steal any motorbikes."

A Metropolitan Police spokesperson said that no arrests had been made.

They said: "Two males, a rider and a pillion passenger, were seen driving around the locations on a moped acting suspiciously.

"They attempted to steal a motorbike in Soho Square and a short while later stole a black Ducati motorbike in Manette Street. The stolen bike was later recovered.

'The suspects are described as white and Mediterranean appearance and aged in their 20s."

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