Parking vigilante uses fake road signs to fool drivers and reserve spaces

Anonymous fraudster invents fictitious 'Zone F' to deter drivers from leaving their cars in preferred spots around Bath

Alex Shipman
Friday 12 January 2018 09:01 GMT
Residents in Bath have taken it upon themselves to create a new "F" Residents Parking Zone
Residents in Bath have taken it upon themselves to create a new "F" Residents Parking Zone (Bath Chronicle/SWNS)

A vigilante has secretly been protecting parking spaces by creating fake road signs - for a zone that doesn't exist.

Around 18 of the realistic "Zone F" signs have been placed on lampposts in Bath, Somerset.

They are professionally made and put up on lamp posts but the local council has confirmed there is no Zone F.

It is thought a resident in the area has put the signs up to keep out students, tourists and people trying to avoid parking charges in the city centre.

One resident said: “I’ve seen them. And I thought 'that’s interesting'.

“I don’t know where they came from, but they certainly weren’t put up during the day that I’m aware of.''

Another resident added: “I think they are cleverly done. They look professional when they’re certainly not professional.

“Whether people are actually fooled by them I don’t know because they’re not quite right. I have absolutely no idea who put them up.”

The signs have been placed in Sion Hill and Summerhill Road, near Bath Spa University's art and design school.

It’s an area used by people to avoid city centre parking charges.

Another resident said: “I believe it does suit the residents, and long may it remain.“

The signs are not illegal to make and similar versions can even be purchased online.

However, it is illegal to put the signs up.

A spokesman for Bath and North East Somerset Council said: “The council did not install these metal signs but is taking action to remove them as they have been illegally placed on the highway. The metal will be recycled.

“The council maintains a number of residents’ parking zones across Bath but there is not a zone “F” in existence.

“Only the highways authority is authorised to place signage and restrictions on the highway, in accordance with the appropriate regulations and public consultation.”


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