‘Absolutely outrageous’: Car missing wheel pulled over by police in Nottinghamshire

Police say it was ‘quite unbelievable’ that the car was still able to move

Matt Mathers
Wednesday 28 December 2022 09:40 GMT
(Nottinghamshire Police)

Police caught a motorist driving missing a wheel in Nottinghamshire in what officers described as an “absolutely outrageous” offence.

Nottingham Police’s Roads Unit said officers were made aware of the Renault missing a wheel by concerned members of the public.

It had been spotted in the Ollerton area, a small town about 20 miles northeast of Nottingham city centre.

Photos of the vehicle show its front right tyre completely missing, with the man driving only on the rim.

Driver of the three-wheeled Renault has been reported
Driver of the three-wheeled Renault has been reported (Nottinghamshire Police)

Police said it was “quite unbelievable” that the car was moving at all when they pulled it over.

The force said in a Facebook post: “This car was seen driving in the Ollerton area and reported to us by concerned members of the public.

“When we heard the radio transmission of a car being driven without a wheel we made our way over. Response officers spotted it first and got it to stop.”

It added: “How it was still moving was quite unbelievable. Even more unbelievable was how far the driver thought he was going to get in it.

“We then informed him that he wasn’t going anywhere in it. The car was prohibited and the driver reported for the offence. Absolutely outrageous.”

‘Quite unbelievable’
‘Quite unbelievable’ (Nottinghamshire Police)

It is not the first time a motorist has been caught on driving on the roads without a wheel.

In July a suspected drink-driver was arrested after travelling from Middleton to Oldham, Greater Manchester on three wheels.

“Sparks were flying” from the car as it drove along the road in the early hours.

Officers intercepted and stopped the driver, who then blew a reading of 123 micrograms per 100 millilitres of breath while in custody, the Manchester Evening News reported.

The legal drink-drive limit is 35 micrograms.

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