Cat reunited with its owners after going missing ten years ago

The owners of the long-lost pet, named Forbes, said they were ‘overcome with emotion’

Daniel Keane
Friday 17 September 2021 15:45
<p>Neil Henderson was finally reunited with his cat Forbes after ten years </p>

Neil Henderson was finally reunited with his cat Forbes after ten years

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The owners of a cat who went missing over ten years ago have said they are “overcome with emotion” after finally being reunited with their long-lost pet.

The feline, called Forbes, was rescued by a member of the public who spotted it looking thin and in need of medical treatment.

Forbes was found in the Ferrier Gardens area of Aberdeen, just two miles from where it went missing.

Animal rescue officer Greg Stevenson found the cat was microchipped and managed to trace his owners Neil and Lucy Henderson, who told him the animal had been missing for a decade.

“When Forbes first went missing in March 2011, we were distraught. We’d had him from when he was a kitten and we had such a special bond”, Mr Henderson said.

“We asked people to check garages and sheds as we thought he may have just been locked inside. After eight or nine months, we very sadly had to come to the realisation that the worst may have happened.”

The couple were shocked to receive a call from the Scottish Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SSPCA) nearly a decade later to tell them that Forbes had been found.

“My wife phoned when I was on the motorway and she told me I had to pull over,” Mr Henderson continued.

“I was completely unprepared for what I was about to be told and hearing that Forbes had been found left me completely astounded.

“I have to admit that I was completely overcome with emotion and turned the car round immediately to go home.”

The next day, the couple drove up to Aberdeen to be reunited with their long lost pet. “When he was brought out, I recognised him immediately,” Mr Henderson said. “Forbes did give me a big cuddle so I’m hopeful that he remembered us.”

Despite ten years apart, Mr Henderson said that the cat had retained some of his old habits - and continued to meow at him while he played video games.

Mr Stevenson said: “I was amazed to hear how long Forbes had been missing for.

“He was found looking rather skinny and was in need of veterinary attention for fleas and mites.

“Forbes was found less than two miles from where he went missing though we have no way of knowing where Forbes had been all this time or what adventures he might have been on.”

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